Your BEACH HOUSE at 50 yards of Wave Coxsbazar,Bangladesh

Bangladeshi & Chinese Cuisine @ Bar-B-Q   

We also Cater to our Room Guest

Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

We serve in your room all Bangladeshi food
at cheap price than any other 
Restaurant of CoxsBazar

2. Cooked Rice ( Bhat )
3.Rui fish Curry
  5.Vegetable Curry (Nirameesh)
6.Dalpury Parata

7.RupChanda Fish Fry

4.Hilsha Fish Curry

Cooked Rice
Per plate Taka 20.00

We boil fresh Nazirshail Rice of high quality.

We also serve:
  • Polau Rice.

  • Chinese Egg fried rice/Masalla fried rice
Chapati Roti at night

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Rui Fish Curry
• Rui-er jhal – Rohu extra-spicy curry with thin gravy.

• Doi Rui – Rohu in curd gravy. This one is a sweeter variety. We add raisins and cashews in it.
• Rui-er jhol – A simple rohu gravy with veggies like cauliflower and lots of coriander leaves.

• Rui Bhaja – Plain fried fish marinated in salt and turmeric  and deep fried in mustard oil. Could be served with rice, daal or khichuri
. • Rui-er Dom – A steamed rohu preparation in mustard, poppy seed and curd paste.

• Rui-er Kalia – A spicy preparation in tomato and onion gravy.

Many other preparations are there. There is no end to it. Yummy….

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Hilsha Fish Menu

Hilsha Fish may be served in
various menu.Some of it is ;

  • Fried Hilsha
  • Hilsha with Musturd
  • Hilsha Korma
  • Hilsha dopeaza
  • Smoked Hilsha
Hilsha Curry (any menu) is delicious food especially hilsha originated from the River Padma.

Vegetable menu

we prepare vegetable nirameesh and also
Chinese vegetable.These are very delicious dish.


Vegetables are prepared from garden fresh vegetable
 specially procured for our hotel.
We care for non-adulterated vegetables.

Break Fast & Evening Fist

Parata & Egg fry (Omlet)
or Dal Pury


Parata & Dalpury (Bhelpury) are prepared from high
standard wheat and fried with high standard Butter oil.
 Specially sorted pulses are used in Dalpury.

We also serve
Malaysian Parata
Prepared by Bombay Sweets Ltd.

Chanda Fish menu

CoxsBazar has remarkable Rupchanda Fish.

We prepare following Rupchanda Dishes
  • Fried Rupchanda
  • Rupchanda Curry

Evening BAR-B-Q & Kebab

From afternoon 4PM up to 11PM night
 we serve
Bar-B-Q & Kebab served with musical environment.
Enjoy it sitting under beach Umbrella